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Anthony Mundine with kids at Carss Park Pool

Gabriel Soca's thank you to Team Caine

Thank you Dick Caine and Team Caine for helping Matias achieve these awesome goals

Posted 3 March 2017

Matias at Carss Park Pool with his coaches and swag of winning ribbons

Anthony Mundine training at Carss Park Pool & Gym for the Danny Green Fight

Anthony Mundine with the kids at Carss Park Pool and Gym, getting Dick Caine to help him prepare for the Danny Green fight 3rd Feb.

Posted 25 January 2017

Dick Caine with his ANZAC DAY sign

Suzie Maroney beating the heat on a hot day

"Love this pool at Carss Park - it has lots of memories of marathon swimming and beating the heat and is the cleanest pool in the Shire!!!"

Suzie Maroney

18 January 2017

Dick Caine with his ANZAC DAY sign

Early morning training

A good turn out of early morning swimmers training at Carss Park Pool at 5.30am

Posted 18 January 2017

Dick Caine with his ANZAC DAY sign

The best New Years present any man can get

This is definitley the best New Years present any man can get. Two of Dicks lovely girls visiting him with a bottle of scotch and a brand new mug!!! You could say this photo is a rose between two thorns. Can you poor fools out there understand what a lucky old man I am?

Team Caine Friday morning surf session at Wanda Beach 30 December 2016

Who is the mug who says you cannot combine stillwater with surf - you see this is called fun with your mates and an old coach!

Team Caine Junior Squad Celebrations at Roma Pizza, South Hurstvile.

A big thank you Karen Gyllenhammer for organising a fantastic dinner to celebrate the state swimming achievements.

Looking at the pics everyone had a great night

Davina modelling the new Ladies Team Caine Costume

One of my Gorgeous Girls Davina looking hot in our new team cossies. Look and weep boys.

This job makes it worthwhile getting out of bed at 4 in the morning

ADULT & TEAM XMAS DINNER - LANCE'S at Wooloware Golf Club

gallery of 5 triathlete champions coached by Dick Caine

To celebrate the arrival of Christmas Dick & Jenny arranged a function for the adult team at Lance's Restaurant in Wooloware Golf Club. A great evening of good food and good conversation was had by all.

Jenny and Dick Caine


To my dear wife Jennifer, who a lousy present I got her "me".

Well I cannot put all of that lovey dovey stuff you do - like oh, we have never had a fight in 40 years. How boring, yes, we fight like hell. She has hit me with frozen sausages, hit me over the head with coin bags full of coins. Locked me out, called me horrible, nasty names - all not true, I am lovely.

Every week I leave home, drive around the block twice, start missing her and come home. Jenny got a lousy present - me! I got a special one- her!

I will take Jenny out somewhere flash tomorrow. I might even pay and behave for a week. Happy birthday to my dear wife Jenny.


gallery of 5 triathlete champions coached by Dick Caine

Well an old man on the highway to hell is allowed to brag. This was some of the Olympic, World and Hawaiian Ironman team at Dick Caines, Carss Park.The team included: Greg & Sian Welch, Michellie Jones, Chris McCormack , Simon Lessing, Emma Carney, Natasha Bagman, Peter Robinson, Michelle Dillon, Jason Metters.

Well you young Uni Coaches, not bad for an old garbo. Will not forget or stop loving any of them.

Talia on the winners pedestal with her first place medal in the State Championships


Make Space on "The Wall" for our new State Champion. Congratulations Talia Field on 1st Place - 12 years 200m butterfly

Pictures of Talia, NSW State Age Champion 200m Butterfly with a 5 second PB and National Qualifying Time.

Congratulations to both Talia and Dick Caine on this outstanding achievement. Also thank you to Julia Glav for the support on the day and always.

Ben Grech sitting with Dick Caine

A very special thank you from a Vietnam Veteran

Dick & Jenny Caine received a very special thank you this month from Wally Harper, a Vietnam veteran.

A reminder to all those men & woman who have done active overseas duty that on showing proof, you have free life time use of Dick Caines heated Olympic pool, cardio & boxing gyms. A thing that the new Georges River Council should remember, this is Carss Park War Memorial Pool.

You can read Wally Harper's full letter on the Tributes page of our website.

Dick Caine with his ANZAC DAY sign

STANDING BY OUR DIGGERS - Dick's Special Offer to Veterans

(Excerpt from the Daily Telegraph)

Legendary trainer Dick Caine has mentored several of Australia's greatest sporting achievers. From marathon swimmer Suzie Maroney to boxers Anthony Mundine and Kostya Tszyu, to name a few. But his heroes in real life are our Diggers

And it's why Dick is standing so proudly next to this sign with a powerful message outside his Carss Park Pool and Gym on the eve of ANZAC Day.

It's also why he has such a special offer for our Diggers. "Any veteran - male or female - who has been in active duty can have free use of my pool and pools for the rest of their lives." he said.

Ben Grech sitting with Dick Caine

Congratulations to Ben Grech

Congratulations to Ben Grech for making the Sutherland shire Oztag side for 2017.

Ben is pictured sitting out with Dick.

Cronulla girls with their medals at the start of the surf carnival season

Great effort by the cronulla girls

Kicking off the surf carnival season. Great effort by the cronulla girls. Congrats to our Indi winning her first individual surf swim medal.

Young boy showing the ribbons he won in a swimming competition.

Winning Ribbons

See this little kid - he is so happy he cries every day now as he proudly shows Dick his 2 winning ribbons.