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Michellie Jones tribute to coach Dick Caine

It wasn’t always easy getting up at the crack of dawn and jumping in the pool with a session of 16 by 400’s on the 5 and a half minutes or swimming 2 miles with a band around your ankles or being chased into the ladies. But deep down l always knew you both cared deeply about me and wanted me to succeed. And just so you know coach dick all you really needed to do for me to stay in the . pool for more than 90 minutes was to offer me a python or red frog or as seafood dinner and l happily would been yours for a few more laps.

It takes a tear to achieve success in sport and you both have been valuable members to many tears producing so many great swimmers who went on to become Olympians and world champions just like me. But your true greatest comes from all the kids and adults you have justy taught to swim over the years and the lessons in life you have taught through swimming.

Thanks to you bdth dick and jenny I am forever grateful that I got the opportunity to not only to swim laps at carss park even on those days with no heater but more importantly you honestly are more than just friends you a more like my family.


Michelle jones.

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  • ITU hall of fame.
  • Triathlon Australia hall of fame
  • Ironman world champion
  • Olympic sliver medallist
  • Gold medallist Paralympics- guide.
  • 2x ITU world champion.
  • 2x ITU world cup champion
  • 45-49 ITU sprint world champion
  • ITU PARATRI world champion PTS GUIDE
  • XTERRA world champion
  • Order of Australia medal am