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Selina Gilesenen's Tribute to Coach Dick Caine

Hi Dick, long time no see. So excited when I saw the post on Mateo’s achievement and realised l could contact you. I heard through Ken and Tima that you haven’t been well and I would love to visit you, as I am sure this is a tough time for you and your family.

I’m living in NZ, with my husband and 4 boys, but I try tro come back most holidays to visit family and friends. If you are‘happy for me to come visit, I’ll contact you next time I’m in Sydney.

Before I go I wanted to let you know what a strong influence you had in my life. My memories of early mornings, a cold pool, tears in my goggles, discipline and tough love should be something I want to forget, but I have benefited from every aspect of the time I spent training with you. You gave me the strength I needed, both physically and mentally, to deal; with the highs and lows of life. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me and hope lcan see you to tell you in person.

Comment from Dick Caine

Sweat, Sacrifice, Success Selina did it all. She also represented her country, played with the Australian Diamond on 24 occasions, winning Gold in 2001. She earned 121 caps with the Sydney Swifts winning 4 Championships in 2008 and was NSW' Swifts Vice Captain